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Subscriptions and Sustainability

Subscriptions and Sustainability


There’s nothing better than that feeling of getting someone new. Eagerly ripping open the packaging and unboxing your shiny new device faster than your toxic ex threw out lies during an argument. Testing out all its features and feeling that tingle sensation with the excitement of exploring something new… oh sorry, were we getting carried away?

Well, the point we’re trying to make is that shopping is fun. That’s why we all do it so much. What’s not so fun, though? The reality that our consumption habits are negatively impacting the environment. And let’s be honest. We've all been guilty of it at some point – buying more than we need, only to have it gather dust in the back of our closets or end up in landfills.

However, in 2024, customers are growing more and more conscious about their impact on the environment. And part of that awakening is the desire to support brands that follow more sustainable practices. 

This is where subscriptions come into play. By signing up for a subscription service, you're not only getting exactly what you need when you need it, but you're also cutting down on unnecessary waste. Say goodbye to impulse buys and hello to a clutter-free conscience. Let us show you how. 

Breaking Down the Problem

We all love our devices. But as we get a new one, we discard the old one. Every year, millions of electronic devices are discarded. These items are called e-waste, and they can become a big threat to the environment and human health if not appropriately disposed of. 

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), e-waste that is treated using inferior activities can release up to 1000 different chemical substances into the environment.  Children and pregnant women, especially those in low-and middle-income brackets, face the most significant risks from e-waste. This is down to lack of recycling infrastructure, and lack of appropriate regulations. 

E-waste is the fastest growing solid waste stream in the world, and is increasing three times faster than the world’s population, says WHO. In fact, every South African generates 6-7kg of e-waste every year. Of this, a small percentage is actually properly recycled. 

E-waste streams constrain valuable and finite resources that can be reused if recycled appropriately. 

The Circle of Life

So how do we combat this issue, especially in a country like South Africa where a large part of the population lives in poverty and lacks infrastructure? This is where subscriptions come in.

Rentoza is trying to actively combat e-waste growth through its circular economy business model. Not sure what that means? Well, picture a circle. It has no end, no break. Much like a circle, the circular economy is all about giving new life to products to continue their lifecycle. Why is this important? Well, the majority of products are single-use which means so much goes into creating them and once you’re done using them, they just sit there. There’s nothing wrong with these products. They can still be used and service someone else.  

Subscriptions naturally encourage a use and return lifestyle that limits these products from ending up in landfills where they can become toxic. Instead of owning something that you’ll eventually stop using, you can subscribe and return the item once you’re done with it. That item now has a chance to go to someone else, and you don’t have to struggle with properly disposing of it. Win-win!

Rentoza also recently started piloting a trade-in programme where customers can trade in their old devices that they own, and in return they get a discount on a subscription. We do this to encourage people to join the subscription lifestyle, but also to give your old products new life and go to someone that really needs it. 

Adapting is the Name of the Game

What makes subscriptions so strong is that it enables subscription businesses to be flexible and adapt to the changing needs of their consumers. The world is constantly changing, and a bit part of sustainability is reacting to those changes and shifting behaviour in response. 

Whether it's upgrading to the latest smartphone or trying out a new kitchen gadget, Rentoza ensures that users can stay in sync with their lifestyle without contributing to excessive consumption. So why wouldn't you subscribe? 

Commitment is messy. Just Rentoza it. 

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