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Navigating Tech Use with Kids

Navigating Tech Use with Kids


Alright parents. It’s time to put the kids down for a nap, grab a coffee (or something stronger if it’s been one of those days) and listen up. If your kids are old enough to crawl then that means that you’ve stepped into the next phase: The digital jungle gym.  

There’s no way around it – the world is becoming increasingly tech-reliant. Gone are the days when kids played outside and could only watch TV when their program started, before “the flag came on” (‘60s babies, we see you). 

Tech is everywhere around us, and influences the way we learn, communicate, and perform tasks. Think about it - today’s kids learn how to use apps before they learn how to use a pen. And the only thing we can do is adapt to this changing landscape. 

Commitment is messy, and so is figuring out how to parent in the digital era. From TikTok tantrums to Minecraft meltdowns, it's a wild ride. If you find yourself asking questions like “How much TV is too much TV for my kid”, or “Should my 9-year-old be allowed to use TikTok?”, then this one is for you. Rentoza's got your back, and we're here to guide you through the chaos. 

Educate, Don’t Isolate

We get it – it's tempting to banish screens and declare war on WiFi. But let's be real, technology isn't going anywhere. Instead of fighting the inevitable, embrace it with open arms, and make it work for you. Think of it as preparing your kids for the future while secretly ensuring they can fix your gadgets when you inevitably break them.

For instance, you can download a variety of educational apps, interactive games, and e-books on phones, tablets and laptops that can be your allies in this battle for balanced screen time. 

DuoLingo ABC is a helpful aid to use when teaching your kids how to read and write in their native language, while ABC Mouse gives your little ones a great foundational understanding of various subjects like English, maths, art, and science. There are even apps that teach your kid the basics of coding in a fun, interactive way. 

Want to get your kids their own tablet? We’ve got a few to choose from. Plus, you can upgrade or exchange it as your kid grows older and needs a device with more capabilities. 

Keep it PG

Face it, your six-year-old might be a tech genius, but they're not quite ready to navigate the digital wilderness solo. Remember: You’re the boss – even in the digital realm. That's where parental controls swoop in to save the day. 

The power is in your hands to make sure that your kids are exposed to age-appropriate content. Luckily, you can tweak settings to ensure your little ones are wandering the web in a kid-friendly bubble. It's like creating a digital playground with a really strict bouncer.

Adjust the settings on tablets, phones, or laptops to block or limit apps and features on your child’s device. If they’re using Netflix, make sure they’ve got a kids account that filters out age-restricted content. And please, don’t forget to adjust payment settings so that your little ones can’t run up your credit card tab on Minecraft skins. 

Welcome To My Tech Talk

Communication is key – even in the digital age. You need to keep lines of communication open so that you know what your kids are up to when they’re hidden in their online world. Talk to them about the apps they use, and why they like them. Join them and make a TikTok together. Watch their favourite Youtuber and talk about it. 

Engaging with them and the content isn’t just about monitoring their tech use; it's about building trust so that you can rest easy. It also shows them that you're the cool parent who understands the difference between a meme and a GIF. 

Screen Time vs Real Time

Yes, tech is the future. But it’s not everything. 

We all love a Netflix marathon weekend. However, it's not ideal for your kid to be doing it with you. Kids need to engage with their real environment too, not just the digital one on their closest screen. 

Make sure to put screen time rules in place. Maybe it’s that they’re not allowed to be on screens past a certain hour, or that they must have a minimum of an hour of outside play time, sans technology. 

There’s so much to learn that’s right in front of them. Stepping out from behind the screen will allow them to develop communication and motor skills, learn how to read people, and maybe help discover a love for an outdoor activity like swimming, baking, or building sandcastles. 

Technology is friend, not foe, but one that needs to be treated with a little care. We need to embrace it and learn how to live with it, not for it. We don’t know where technology will be in two years time, never mind two decades from now. That’s why subscriptions come in clutch. Having tech subscriptions allow you and your kids to evolve with the newest technology on the market. 

Once your kid outgrows a certain device, you don’t need to just let it take up space in a drawer somewhere. With Rentoza, you can exchange your product for something bigger and better that your kids will love.

Commitment is messy. Just Rentoza it. 

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