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Getting the Best Tech Deals On Black Friday

Getting the Best Tech Deals On Black Friday


Ah, Black Friday – a deal hunter’s paradise. The day when prices plummet, and gadget enthusiasts can snag the latest tech toys at jaw-dropping discounts. Everything from smartphones and TVs, to fridges and washing machines is up for grabs. 

But in the sea of deals and discounts, how do you ensure you're getting the best bang for your buck? So many Black Friday ‘specials’ are the tech equivalent of microwaved leftovers: Old stock that can’t be shifted any other way. 

Fear not, tech aficionados, because in this blog, we're spilling the beans on how to navigate Black Friday like a pro, with a special focus on scoring the hottest tech deals – and why this year, Rentoza’s giving you everything you need to move on from your old stuff.

The Black Friday Frenzy

Even though it’s still a pretty new addition to the South African shopping calendar, Black Friday has evolved from a single day of frenzied shopping to an entire weekend (or even week) of deals. It’s your chance to upgrade your gadgets, enhance your home, and embrace the latest innovations without burning a hole in your wallet. But how do you make the most of this tech extravaganza?

Know What You Want

The key to Black Friday success is preparation. Start by identifying the products you've been eyeing. Whether it's a new smartphone, a gaming console, or the latest smart home devices, having a clear wishlist will help you focus on what truly matters.

Some companies (like us!) make things easier for you by releasing an early product list, so you’ve got plenty of time to plan ahead.

Not All Deals Are Created Equal

Once you've identified your desired tech goodies, don't settle for the first deal that comes your way. Use price-comparison websites and tools to ensure you're getting the best price – some sites even have these as built-in features, so you can compare different products in the same store.

Retailers may also offer bundle deals or exclusive discounts, so it pays to shop around.

Sign Up for Newsletters or Follow Social Media

Many retailers release exclusive deals to their newsletter subscribers before Black Friday officially kicks off. Be an early bird and sign up for newsletters from your favorite tech retailers. This way, you'll be among the first to know about the hottest discounts and promotions.

It’s also worth following brands on social media – not only will you usually get an early heads up for sales kickoffs, you might be able to snag a cheeky deal or two at the same time.

Embrace Online Shopping

We get it. There’s a thrill to being the first one in the store on Black Friday, of fighting your way through the scrum for that microwave you’ve had your eye on. 

But is the stress really worth it?

While the allure of in-store shopping on Black Friday is undeniable, the online realm offers a stress-free alternative. Many retailers provide online-exclusive deals, and you won't have to brave the crowds to snag them. Plus, you can shop in your PJs – win-win.

… But Not Always

OK, yes, shopping from home is the least stressful way of being your best Black Friday self. But in a post-Covid world, where retailers are desperate to justify physical retail space, you might actually find some incredible deals by going into the store yourself. Counter-intuitive, but true.

As we said above, research is key here: Make sure they’ll have want you want, and find out if it will actually be worth your time.

Set a Budget

Black Friday can be a whirlwind of temptation, and it's easy to get caught up in the excitement. Set a budget for your purchases and stick to it. That way, you'll avoid impulse buys and make sure that your decision making is sound.

Check Return the Fine Print

Before hitting the buy button, familiarise yourself with the policies of the retailers you're purchasing from – this includes return policies, but also any policies unique to the store. 

For instance, Rentoza uses a non-credit verification as part of our subscription process. This isn’t a credit check, it’s designed to measure your financial behaviour instead. That makes it easier for you to get your subscription, but also helps us keep things secure on our end. It’s also part of the reason we ask for proof of your address, valid identification, and banking details (don’t worry, we use open banking principles to make sure these stay safe). It’s a good idea to get to know our process before you commit to a subscription – it will make your experience feel a little bit smoother, and avoid any unfortunate speedbumps.

If you’re finding yourself a bit lost, any reputable company should have an extensive FAQ with the answers to your questions. 

Explore Subscriptions, Embrace Access

But what if everyone’s just got it wrong? Black Friday is the ultimate ode to consumerism, but the problem is, it ends. And then you realise that smart TV you bought nine months ago because it was a great deal has actually been off the market for ages, and isn’t supported any more. That fridge you got stood in a warehouse for a year, and it’s showing it. 

The honeymoon’s over, and you’re stuck with something that you might not have committed to in a more rational moment. It’s OK, we’ve all been there.

Of course, Black Friday doesn’t have to be about one-time purchases; it's an excellent opportunity to explore subscription services that can elevate your tech experience throughout the year – and beyond. 

Take Rentoza. Sure, you’ll get phenomenal Black Friday deals with us. Up to 50% off, in some cases. But the best thing isn’t just the awesome savings (they’re still right up there, though), it’s everything that comes after. Because not only can you definitely snag some quality up-to-date tech and appliances – we hear the iPhone 15 Pro’s pretty good – you only have to hold on to it for as long as you need to. Something better comes along in a year? Upgrade, we won’t charge you extra. 

Great deals and total flexibility? Come on, what’s not to love?

Black Friday is the tech lover's playground, and with a strategic approach, you can score incredible deals while staying within budget. From one-time purchases to exploring the world of tech subscriptions, this shopping extravaganza is your chance to elevate your tech experience. So, arm yourself with your wishlist, navigate the online deals, and make this Black Friday a tech delight. Happy shopping!

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