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PlayStation VR 2

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Join a new era of PlayStation gaming with the VR 2 headset.

Console gaming's most advanced virtual reality experience is now even better, featuring 4K OLED panels for crisp, clean, and immersive gameplay. Embedded cameras track your hands, eyes, and the included controllers, while motion sensors follow the movements of your head, so you have total command of your virtual environment. And a refresh rate of up to 120Hz means everything is smooth, so you won't have to worry about the dreaded VR motion sickness.

Discover a new persepective on gaming today.

NOTE: PlayStation VR 2 is requires a PlayStation 5 for use.

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PlayStation VR 2
• Includes two PlayStation VR 2 Sense controllers and earbuds • OLED panel • 90/120Hz refresh rate • Adjustable lenses • Six-axis motion sensing system • Four embedded cameras for headset and controller tracking • IR camera for eye tracking per eye • Vibration feedback • Glasses compatible
PlayStation VR 2
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PlayStation VR 2

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