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The Future of Remote Work

The Future of Remote Work


Of all the changes the Covid-19 pandemic brought upon the world, there is one silver lining: The normalisation of remote work. As we were forced to stay inside and stay safe, businesses realised that most office jobs could be successfully completed remotely. So much so that today, even after social distancing measures have subsided, most businesses still offer remote or hybrid work for office workers.

No more soul-sucking commutes, no more bland office coffee, and definitely no more suspicious glares from the office plant because you forgot to water it for the third time in a row. We're talking about the future of work, folks, and it's looking cosier than ever.

Let's face it, the 9-to-5 grind is so last century. Who needs it when you can roll out of bed, grab your laptop (and maybe a cheeky croissant), and get down to business from the comfort of your own duvet fort? Remote work isn't just a trend – it's a revolution, and we're all riding the wave.

The Stats

This is one wave that doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. In fact, it’s positioned to continue growing across various industries, which will change the way we work globally. 

The World Economic Forum (WEF) projects that by 2030, the number of global digital jobs that can be performed remotely from anywhere in the world is expected to rise by roughly 25% to around 92 million. These jobs are expected to be a mix of high-, medium- and low-paying jobs. Think software developers, finance managers, graphic designers, paralegals, telemarketers, and customer service representatives. 

The Benefits

If managed well, the WEF argues, these global digital jobs could become incredible opportunities for countries, companies and workers the world over. Workers can access more jobs, and perform them anywhere. They also gain freedom and flexibility in their day, allowing for a better work-life balance. And, of course, they can spare some coin on petrol as they won’t be driving to and from an office five times a week. 

On the employer side, businesses are able to widen their talent pool and recruit regardless of geographic location. This creates an even more exciting field to recruit in, and opens up possibilities of expanding the business reach beyond geographic borders. And, remote work helps reduce overhead costs of physical office spaces. Countries all over the world can benefit from economic growth by having a population with higher employment rates.

The Challenges

As amazing and promising as this growth in digital jobs is, the reality is that it might not be accessible for everyone. 

Remote work is driven by technological advancements like high-speed internet, cloud computing, and various collaboration tools that make it easier to communicate and coordinate work as a geographically-split team. These technologies, coupled with advancements in cybersecurity to protect data and maintain privacy, have become the backbone of an effective remote work infrastructure. 

Third world countries lacking basic technical infrastructure and technical literacy may struggle to hop onto this train. Employers in these regions need to work now to upskill their workforce by enrolling them in the relevant classes and courses to teach them the relevant digital skills they’ll need to effectively transition and join the remote workforce. 

Governments should focus more attention and resources towards upskilling the lower middle class and preparing them for an increasingly digitised society so that they don’t get left behind. 

Subscriptions Are the Future

Remote work is all about creating more freedom and flexibility in a worker’s day. You know what else does that, too? Subscriptions. Having subscriptions to tech means you don’t have to commit to any products. Get the products you need now, and return them if your situation changes. No mess, no fuss. So as your working conditions change, so can your tech. 

Oh, and did we mention the perks? Say goodbye to buyer's remorse and hello to guilt-free experimentation. With Rentoza, you can try before you buy, swap when you're bored, and upgrade whenever the mood strikes. It's like having your own personal genie, except instead of three wishes, you get unlimited access to cool stuff. This freedom to experiment is important as you find the things that work or don’t work for you. And as you move up the career ladder, you can upgrade your tech too. 

Commitment is messy. Just Rentoza it.

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