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Surviving Summer Budget Guide

Surviving Summer Budget Guide


Alright, sunseekers and budget warriors, buckle up because we're about to dive into the ultimate summer survival guide. The sun's shining, the vibes are high, but your wallet might be feeling the heat – especially with most companies sending out salaries early. 

But fear not! We've cooked up the perfect recipe for a budget-friendly summer. No late-January instant noodles necessary (unless you’re into that).

Here’s how to turn surviving into thriving this summer.

Get Your Planning Right

First up: Planning. The key to not just surviving, but thriving, is planning out your budget. Count off the weeks – how long will it be before your next payday? How much will that cost you in groceries? How often do you think you’ll be going out, and what might that cost? If you get your planning right, all things are possible.

Give Smart

‘Tis the season of giving, but that doesn’t mean you need to go overboard.

Being a smart giver means setting a budget for gifts to your loved ones or friends, and sticking to it. Figure out an overall gifting budget, then break this down amongst your lucky recipients; knowing the total amount will make it easier to shift your gifting budget if you absolutely need to.

… And Remember Yourself

They say that the greatest gift is giving, and it’s true! Especially if you’re giving to yourself. Set aside some of your budget to treat yourself. It’s been a long year, you deserve it.

And on that score, here’s a tip: You can save money in your summer budget by getting a subscription from Rentoza. Want a PlayStation 5, or a VR headset? Get it on a Rentoza subscription and you won’t have to shell out nearly as much as if you’d bought it.

Pick Your Battles

Look, it’s summer, and we know you just want to have an epic adventure of a time. But do you really need to go to that new cocktail bar that charges R150 a drink? There are tons of incredible experiences scattered across South Africa – they just need finding.

Speaking of.

Find Adventure

It’s tempting to always go with the hypest, most popular option. It’s also super expensive, usually. So this tip is all about going off the beaten track.

Find the hidden gems – the little family restaurants that do incredible things with hamburgers, the independent cinemas that let you bring your own snacks. Be willing to search for excitement, and you’ll be amazed at what’ll find you. And how much easier it is on your wallet.

Or Have a Night in

When all else fails, staying home doesn’t have to be the sad option it’s made out as. Work some nice food into your grocery budget, have some friends round, and make a big meal of it. Have a dance-off. Play some games. Watch a classic movie (The Devil Wears Prada totally holds up).

Some of the best summer adventures happen at home.

The Perfect Summer Companion

We’re forever told that we need to commit, but this is exactly the right time of year to put that little fable to rest.

Rentoza is the commitment-free option for stretching your summer budget, and giving you the freedom to live your best life. Here’s why:


We understand the summer struggle, and that's why we're all about flexibility. No need to commit to a long-term relationship with your gadgets. Pick what you need for the summer, and when it's time to bid adieu, simply return them. It's a summer fling without the heartache.

Stay on Trend

We get it – you want the hottest tech, the trendiest reads, and the coolest kitchen gadgets. With Rentoza, you're always on trend. Swap out your gadgets or try a new subscription to keep the summer vibes fresh.

A Clutter-Free Summer

Let's face it – storing gadgets and goodies can be a hassle. With Rentoza, there’s no need to worry about a cluttered summer space. Enjoy your tech, and upgrade when you need. That means your old gear isn’t clogging up a drawer somewhere.

Test the Waters

Not sure if that latest gadget is your summer soulmate? Rentoza lets you test the waters without the commitment. Try out different subscriptions, discover your favorites, and tailor your summer experience. It's all about finding what sparks joy in your summer world.

Your Summer. Hotter, Smarter.

Summer's all about embracing the vibes and creating memories. With a bit of planning, you can do exactly that, without having to resort to survival rations. And with Rentoza's product subscriptions, you're not just surviving; you're thriving. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into your ultimate Hot Sub Summer, sprinkle some Rentoza magic, and make this summer unforgettable. 

Happy summer vibes, budget warriors.

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