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Smartphone Tips for Better Photos

Smartphone Tips for Better Photos


Selfie enthusiasts and amateur photographers, assemble. If you’ve been snapping away all festive season only to be disappointed by blurry, out of focus images that only a Boomer dad would be proud of, this one’s for you.

Go beyond the standard #festive duck face selfie and dive into the world of smartphone photography. You don't need a fancy camera to capture Instagram-worthy shots – just a smartphone and a dream.

Gone are the days when hefty cameras were a must for great shots. You’ve got a powerful piece of machinery that fits neatly in your jean pocket. You just need to know how to use it. 

Here’s how to capture stunning smartphone photography that, unlike your last relationship, you wouldn’t be embarrassed to post on your feed – plus how Rentoza's subscription service can supercharge your photography journey. 

Clean the Lens

We get it. Some things are better left unseen, like that tragic matching reindeer-printed shirt your mom made you wear for the annual family Christmas photo. While a fingerprint smudged, blurry camera may help in this instance, it’s usually ideal to have a clean and clear screen.

Before you start taking pictures, wipe your phone camera lens clean with a soft cloth (or your Reindeer shirt sleeve if you’re in a pinch). A clean lens ensures crystal-clear photos without smudges or blurs.

Play with Composition

The right angle will change the game, especially for those of us sporting a double chin we’d like to pretend doesn’t exist. Now is the time to experiment. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Try different compositions like the rule of thirds or leading lines to add visual interest to your shots. If you need guidance, you can activate gridlines on your phone’s camera settings to help with framing.

If you’re ever lost, think about your favourite director and the composition they love in their films. Channel your inner Wes Anderson with an aesthetically pleasing symmetrical shot, or be like Tim Burton and pull a dutch angle.

Lighting is Key

Good lighting isn’t only for the Christmas tree. Shine just as bright and colourful – although not as annoying – with the perfect lighting setup. Shoot outdoors or position your subject near a window for natural light that will brighten your image. Top tip: Head outside during ‘Golden Hour’ for a soft, natural light that bathes you and your surroundings in a magical golden aura. Boom, instant tan. You’re welcome. 

If you don’t have natural light on your side, use portable LED lights or clip-on ring lights to enhance your lighting setup. 

Experiment with Smartphone Attachments

Judging by the second and third helping of Christmas lunch you had, you must like being extra. One is simply not enough. Keep that same energy and go the extra mile to enhance your phone capability with specialised lenses that attach to your phone, like wide or macro lenses. These lenses allow you to experiment with different focal lengths. To combat shaky shots, rely on stabilisers or tripods for professional-looking photos. 

Edit Like a Pro

Commitment is messy. Sometimes, things don’t work out and you need to cut someone out of last year’s family Christmas photo. That’s where editing comes in. Before posting your creation to your social media feed, be sure to run it through a round of editing. 

Apps like VSCO, Lightroom, or Factune offer free-to-use versions that allow you to adjust the crop, brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness to really make your pictures pop. But remember – everything in moderation! You want the editing to enhance, not overtake, so apply a light hand. 

Capture Moments, One Subscription at a Time

Catch moments, not feelings with Rentoza’s subscription services. We’ve got a host of smartphones offering impressive cameras – and you don’t have to commit to them long-term. Here’s what sets our subscription apart:

  1. Flexibility to Experiment

With Rentoza, you can try different smartphones without the commitment of owning them. Experiment with different phone makes and models to find what suits your style best. It’s kind of like Tinder but without the creeps. 

  1. Access to Premium Gear

Get your hands on high-quality smartphones without breaking the bank. Our subscription grants you access to the latest and greatest in smartphone technology.

  1. Upgrade Whenever You Want

As technology evolves, so can your phone! Swap your device when your subscription comes to an end so that you’re always equipped with the latest tech for picture-perfect moments.

With Rentoza’s subscription service, you're not just capturing moments; you're on a journey of exploration and creativity. Elevate your smartphone photography game today to capture moments you’ll share on the family group chat for life. 

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