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Summer Tech Essentials

Summer Tech Essentials


Ah, summertime. For those of us lucky enough to be on leave, summer brings a sense of freedom. Goodbye nine-to-fives, and hello, late nights! But let’s be honest: Going out is fun and all, but after that third hungover McDonalds mukbang, it all starts to feel a bit taxing. 

Take a break from the late night jols and turn your space into Club Home instead with our summer tech essentials. We promise – there’s no bouncer to deny you, and there’s always an open bar. 

Here are the products you’ll need to create a seamless summer experience at home and beyond.


Been working hard all year? You’ve probably got a lot of Netflix to catch up on. Sit back and relax while enjoying your favourite series on the Hisense 55-inch TV. This TV has 4K resolution, and built-in Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. 

With a generous 55-inch display, it offers stunning visuals and vibrant colours. Whether you're watching a thrilling action movie or a captivating nature documentary, every detail will come to life on this high-definition screen. Immerse yourself in the action and feel like you're part of the story.

Get the Hisense 55-inch for R550 per month on Rentoza. 

Nintendo Switch OLED

Let your inner child run free with the Nintendo Switch OLED. With its vibrant OLED display, upgraded audio, and sleek design, the Switch OLED is a game-changer. The beauty of this console is that you can connect it to your TV or take the console with you and play on the go, wherever you are. Bored at your holiday house? Hiding from the in-laws at the family function? Got a hankering for a different kind of action on the beach? Bring your Nintendo Switch OLED with, and you can keep yourself entertained for hours. 

The Switch OLED features a large screen with vivid colours and high contrast for a rich gameplay experience. Play solo in tabletop mode, or flip out the stand and play with a friend in co-operative multiplayer.


Get the Nintendo Switch OLED for R540 per month on Rentoza. 

Combination Fridge 222L

Summer means gatherings with family and friends are at an all time high. Out comes the braai meat, the cheese boards, and the bottles of wine to be consumed with much haste and even more relish. And of course, there’s Christmas dinner and the eventual leftovers that you’ll feast on for the days to come. You’re gonna need somewhere to store all these refreshments. That’s where the Combination Fridge 222L comes in clutch. 

With its generous 222L capacity, this fridge provides ample space to store all your groceries, beverages, and leftovers. Say goodbye to overcrowded shelves! It also doesn’t hurt that this fridge boasts a modern and stylish design that seamlessly complements any kitchen decor. Its sleek exterior will enhance the aesthetics of your space while performing a very practical function. 

Get the Combination Fridge 222L for R400 per month on Rentoza. 

Samsung Essential C-Series Soundbar 2.0 

Going to the cinema is expensive. Instead, make your at-home movie viewing a cinematic experience with the Samsung Essential C-Series Soundbar 2.0.

With its sleek design and premium sound quality, this bad boy will transform your living room into a home theatre in an instant. This soundbar features a built-in woofer that really pumps up the bass, as well as surround sound expansion for optimal sound; bluetooth connectivity; and one remote for total control of your TV and soundbar. 

Get the Samsung Essential C-Series Soundbar 2.0L for R190 per month on Rentoza. 

Galaxy A14

Stay connected wherever you are with the Galaxy A14. With its stunning 6.6 inch HD+ display, powerful octa-core processor and 64 or 128GB storage, this smartphone gives you plenty of space to save and share all your favourite memories, movies, and games. 

The Galaxy A14 also comes with four cameras that allow you to channel your inner photographer. Capture stunning landscapes during your next hike or seaside adventure with the 50MP main camera or 5MP wide camera, or capture selfies with your loved ones using the 13MP front camera. You can even use the macro lens to capture intimate details. 

And fear not: the 5000mAh battery allows you to spend more time doing what you love without worrying that your phone is gonna quit on you. So, you can go out on the town with the comfort of knowing your phone will be alive long enough for you to call an Uber and get home safely. 

Get the Galaxy A14 for R310 per month on Rentoza. 

Apple Watch Series 8

December isn’t all about melting into the couch. Get ahead of your New Year's goals and invest in your health with the help of the Apple Watch Series 8. This smart watch elevates your way of living, from your health right down to your sleep. 

The Apple Watch Series 8 features advanced sensors that provide deep insights into your health. These include the sleep app which takes a deep dive into the quality of your slumber; innovative temperature sensors; and advanced cycle tracking which uses data to provide a more detailed view of your menstrual cycle. 

The Series 8 even has crash detection, automatically connecting you with emergency services in the event of a severe car crash or hard fall. And, of course, there's the workout app. It provides advanced metrics like heart rate zones and customised intervals throughout your workout. 

Get the Apple Watch Series 8 for R980 per month on Rentoza. 

Summer living will be easy with these must-have products. And the beauty of Rentoza is that once summer is over, you can upgrade, downgrade, or change your subscription whenever you want, with no penalties.

Commitment is messy. Just Rentoza it.

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