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Smartphone Showdown: Apple vs. Android

Smartphone Showdown: Apple vs. Android


Ali vs Fraszier. Ford vs Ferrari. Barbie vs Oppenheimer. These are the great matchups of history, and today, we add to their number:

Apple vs Android.

OK, maybe we’re overselling it just a little. But when you’re shopping for a new phone subscription (because you’re going to subscribe to it with Rentoza, aren’t you?), it’s a clash that’s going to be front and centre in your decision.

So let’s get into it – how do they stack up?

The Contenders

In one corner, it’s Apple: The brand that kicked off a smartphone revolution with the release of the original iPhone, and they’ve consistently been the major object of desire for millions. Apple’s smartphones are known for their high quality, but also for the extremely curated nature of their user experience. 

Basically, if you want to use an iPhone, you need to be willing to do things the way Apple wants you to – no exceptions. While this might bring up flashes of a controlling ex for some, tons of people love the simplicity that comes with Apple’s approach.

On the other hand, Android reflects Google’s more relaxed attitude to user choice. Not only do Android phones give you a ton of options for customisation, they’re available from a huge number of brands (like Samsung). This difference in philosophy is a big reason why Androids have traditionally dominated the smartphone market.

But ultimately, both strategies are valid, depending on your needs and preferences.

The Phones

The Apple vs Android debate isn’t just about the brands, it’s about the phones you actually want to use. Do you want to blow the doors down with the biggest, baddest flagship smartphone on the block, or are you looking for a more budget-friendly option? How much does the camera matter to you? Does it match your wardrobe? These gnawing questions must be answered.

Big Budget

At the high end, there are only two real options: Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max, and Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Both phones use titanium in their construction to create a tough, lightweight package. Both come with stacked (literally) cameras, with a three camera setup on each. Both offer super bright, clear, and expansive screens.

Both also come with plenty of smarts. A highlight of this year’s crop of phones is unique AI features – the Apple option lets you edit photos in ways that might as well be magic, while Samsung bundles in Google’s game-changing new Circle to Search feature, which lets you literally draw a circle on anything from text to TikToks to search the web.

Really, it comes down to preference here: Do you want the effortless cool of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, or the productivity-busting power of the S24 Ultra and its included stylus?

Whichever you pick, you can get it on Rentoza – you can subscribe to the iPhone 15 Pro Max for R2 490, or get the S24 Ultra for R2 300 a month.


If you don’t want to spend flagship money (even if it’s through a super-affordable subscription), then guess what? You’ve still got options!

The base iPhone 14 might not have the all-singing, all-dancing power of the 15, but it’s still got it where it counts. Its Super Retina XDR display is gorgeous, and while the A15 chip that powers it isn’t the class-leader it once was, it’s plenty powerful. It also offers dual 12MP rear camerasr – these may seem like a big step down from the 15 Pro Max, but thanks to modern onboard photo processing (courtesy of Apple’s Photonic Engine), it still manages to produce stunning snaps on command.

And you can get it for R1 550 per month with a Rentoza subscription.

On the Android side, this price bracket spoils you for choice. Do you want the Huawei P60 Pro, with its 48MP-led tri-camera setup, and 120Hz OLED screen (that means it’s very smooth)? You’ll get it for R10 less than the iPhone with a Rentoza subscription. 

Alternatively, Oppo’s made a name for themselves over the years as a budget-beating performance brand, and the Reno 8 Pro is a good example of why. For a R1 470 month-to-month Rentoza subscription, you get a 50MP rear camera setup, AMOLED screen (the same tech that Samsung uses), and a whopping 38MP front camera. 

Your selfie’s have never looked so good.

The Saver’s Choice

Maybe you’re more interested in saving your cash than balancing budget and specs. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a fully capable phone in your pocket.

Nearly five years post-launch, the iPhone 11 still makes a compelling case. Liquid Retina display, the same camera setup that Apple would hold on to through the iPhone 14, and the A13 Bionic chip make this a great choice for under a grand. Actually, with a Rentoza subscription it’s just R890 a month.

Again, Android shows up here with the power of choice. The Huawei Nova 10 continues its more expensive sibling’s great-screen-at-a-low-price trend with a 120Hz OLED, while the cameras include a 50MP main camera (with gold trim!), and a ridiculous 60MP selfie camera, for just R960 on a month to month subscription.

The Honor 50 is another great option here, offering an insane 108MP main camera and great screen. It saves you bucks by going with a slightly less powerful chip, but for anything outside the most intense gaming sessions, you’ll never notice. And it’s yours for R930 a month on a Rentoza subscription.

Split Decision

OK, so here’s the thing. These are all great phones. And no matter what anyone says, the best phone is the one you enjoy using most – whether it’s the curated experience of the iPhone, or one of Android’s multitude of offerings. 

That might seem like a cop out, but think about it like this: This way, everybody wins.

Whether you’re looking for a big-budget showstopper, a mid-range workhorse, or the cheapest option you can find, you’ve got choices. And you can explore them to your heart’s content with a Rentoza subscription. Want to try out a Huawei, then switch to Samsung? Or iPhone? With a Rentoza subscription you can, no penalties or fuss.

Now that’s living.

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