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Magic Microwaves: Which One’s Right for You?

Magic Microwaves: Which One’s Right for You?


A microwave is a pretty incredible thing when you think about it: They’re small, efficient, and easy to use. Yet they’re also overlooked as a part of the modern kitchen. They’re just that thing you use to heat up last night’s leftovers. 

But they can do so much more – all it takes is a quick Google to find 1001 different recipes dedicated to the unique functions of microwaves.

Here’s our picks of the best microwaves for you, with a couple of recipe suggestions thrown in.

Hisense 20L Microwave

Everyone has to start somewhere, and this microwave is the perfect candidate for those starting out on their own.

Offering 700W of power in a compact 20L format, this microwave is ideal for smaller meals and treats. Looking for inspiration? Try this mug cake recipe for a great single-serve example of the potential of modern microwaves. All it needs is a scoop of ice cream for a foolproof dessert to pair with your next Netflix binge.

The Hisense 20L Microwave is available for a steal, at just R160 a month with a Rentoza subscription.

Samsung 32L 1000W Solo Microwave

Taking a step up, this 32L microwave from Samsung adds size, power, and functionality to your kitchen.

At 1000W, it’s capable of cooking pretty much anything you can fit in it, while it also includes an auto defrost function, eco mode, and a child lock for young families. Try this simple mac and cheese recipe for a glimpse of what microwaves are really capable of – while it’s a one-bowl recipe, it’s also easy to scale up into a crowd-pleasing full meal.

This all-rounder is available for just R190 a month with a Rentoza subscription.

Hisense 43L Microwave

Whether you’re cooking for family or friends, the Hisense H43MOMMI has got you covered.

Aside from its generous 43L capacity, at 1000W of power this microwave won’t leave you waiting around for your meal to cook. It also comes with a handy standby mode for when you’re not using it, so you can save some cash on electricity, while the auto defrost and auto cooking functions help smooth out life’s little wrinkles. 

This microwave’s power means popcorn can be made in moments, but more importantly it’s also perfect for recipes like this microwave chili, a healthy, hearty, meat-free option for busy weeknights (although as the recipe suggests, you can totally add the meat back in).

The Hisense 43L microwave is available from R290 through a monthly Rentoza subscription.

Samsung 55L 1000 Watt Solo Microwave

This is the big daddy of microwaves, ideal for large families, those who love entertaining, and budding Masterchefs.

Clad in stainless steel and with a chic black front, this microwave is easy to clean and will look great on your countertop, while its large capacity means your oven can stay off. Less oven time means a lower power bill – it’s win-win.

At 55L, it can fit anything you’re interested in cooking. It also comes with auto defrost, auto cooking, and a child lock. Take advantage of its 99-minute timer with this full pot roast recipe – all you need is the gravy. Oh wait, it can do that too. Follow it up with some fudgy brownies for dessert. 

The Samsung 55L 1000 Watt Solo Microwave is available from R430 a month with a Rentoza subscription.

What’s for Dinner?

When you think of microwave cooking, you probably imagine rubbery grey meat, limp veg, and soggy, sad puddings. But that’s not the world we live in anymore.

Microwaves have come a long way, and the internet has put a huge number of tried and tested recipes in easy reach. With today’s crop of countertop cookers, you’ll be sorted for every meal, from fluffy scrambled eggs to South African classics like milk tart

Still not convinced? With Rentoza microwave subscriptions, you can dip your toe in with our entry-level options, and upgrade once you’ve seen the light. No penalties, no hassle, just get the products you need.

Commitment is messy – microwaves are easy.

Just Rentoza it.

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