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Long Weekend Tech Essentials

Long Weekend Tech Essentials


It’s (almost) the long weekend, baby! If you’re South African, you take long weekends very seriously. Let’s be real, you’ve probably lined up your leave days with these Easter holidays. We see you.

Whether you’re heading away for a little vacation, chilling at home with close friends and family, or having a solo weekend indoors, here are a few products you’ll need to make your long weekend more memorable.

Harmon Kardan Go + Play 3 

Let's kick things off with the heartbeat of any party – a speaker that booms louder than the sound of silence from the lack of messages from your crush. What’s a long weekend without music? 

Turn your speaker into a personal DJ that doesn’t look like a wannabe Steve Aoki. Simply connect your phone or laptop via bluetooth, and start blasting your perfectly curated playlists. Then you can twerk and sashay the weekend away. But whatever you do, please don’t attempt that new TikTok dance you just learnt. Some things are better left unseen. 

Get the Harmon Kardan Go + Play 3 for R570 per month.

XBox Series S

Not one for a big party? A gaming weekend may be the perfect solution. The Xbox Series S isn't just a gaming console; it's a catalyst for epic showdowns, competitive banter, and laughter that'll last all weekend long. With next-gen speed, 3D spatial sound, and faster load times, there won’t be a dull moment – even if the crowd is.

Gather up your friends, fire up those controllers, and let the gaming marathon begin. Riding solo? Select online multiplayer mode so you can play with friends around the world. 

Get the Xbox Series S for R490 per month. 

Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen

No thoughts, just vibes is the mandate of the day with the Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen. If you’re hosting people this long weekend, you’ve got enough to stress about. Make things easier for yourself with a smart home device that can do the work for you.

Use your Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen to play music, control your indoor temperature sensors, turn off the lights, ask Alexa for weather updates, and even tell some jokes if the party conversations are making everyone yawn. 

Another plus is that you can get Alexa to snooze your alarm, which will really come in handy when you wake up unable to function come Monday morning. Now, if only she could make you coffee and breakfast too…

Get the Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen for R160 per month. 

Hisense 65-Inch Smart TV

The bigger, the better.

We’re talking about TVs, of course. What did you think we were referring to? If you’re not into partying or gaming, a movie night is another great way to spend your weekend. 

The Hisense 65-Inch is our top pick. With an ultra-thin bezel, this TV is all picture, all the time. Combined with 4K AI upscaling, adaptive depth, and pixel tuning, this TV delivers an experience that you can get truly lost in. All you need is a good movie and some popcorn, and your evenings are sorted. 

Explore Rentoza's tech wonderland to make your long weekend a time you won’t want to forget. Another bonus? Once your subscription period ends, you can turn your product in and exchange it for something different.

Commitment is messy. Just Rentoza it. 

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