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Keeping the Lights On With Rentoza’s Power Solutions

Keeping the Lights On With Rentoza’s Power Solutions


Picture the moment: South Africa are playing Scotland in their opening game of the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Scores are close, tension is high. Siya Kolisi gets the ball five metres out from the line. And then it happens.

The lights go out.

This horrifying scenario is one that’s all too possible in South Africa, and that’s only the beginning. In February, it was reported that loadshedding costs the South African economy nearly R900 million a day, a genuinely staggering number.

Luckily, while the challenges, implications, and solutions of load shedding are complex, for us ordinary folk just trying to get dinner on the table (or find out if we beat Scotland), there are a spectrum of solutions in reach. 

Here’s how a monthly Rentoza product subscription can help you keep the lights on and the game going when stage five (or six!) hits.

Comprehensive Power Solutions

While many South African homes are beginning to take advantage of a myriad of solar schemes, even more are opting for simpler portable power solutions. Not only do these solutions help keep the lights on, they have built in surge protectors to save your gadgets from the power surges that often go hand-in-hand with blackouts.

Portable power solutions come in two primary flavours: Separate inverters and batteries, or merged systems that put both components in the same device. These are obviously more convenient, but also usually more expensive at retail – significantly so, in some cases. But with a Rentoza monthly product subscription, they’re a piece of cake.

Let’s check out the options.

Ecoflow RIVER 2

The baby of the Ecoflow family, the River 2 nevertheless packs a mighty punch. With 256Wh of capacity, 300W of output, and a compact footprint, it’s the ideal friend for keeping your devices (or just your internet) going when the going gets dark. And like all Ecoflow products offered by Rentoza, if you do decide to make the jump to solar, the RIVER 2 is fully compatible with solar charging.

The Ecoflow RIVER 2 is available with a Rentoza subscription starting at just R440.

Ecoflow RIVER 2 Max

Doubling up on the capacity of the Ecoflow RIVER 2, the Ecoflow RIVER 2 Max adds some serious wattage to your home. It boasts 512Wh, an output of 500W, and a whopping nine plug outlets. So even when the lights are out, you’ll be going strong.

The Ecoflow RIVER 2 Max can be yours from R770 on a monthly product subscription from Rentoza.

Ecoflow RIVER Pro

Stepping up to the big leagues, the Ecoflow RIVER Pro lives up to its name. This stout powerhouse gives you a full 720Wh of capacity, you’ll be able to keep devices charged and the good times going as long as you want, as the additional capacity means you’ll have plenty of room for your TV as well.

For as little as R880 with a Rentoza subscription, the Ecoflow RIVER Pro could be your light at the end of the tunnel.

Ecoflow DELTA 2

This is it: The granddaddy of home power solutions. The Ecoflow DELTA 2 offers an absolutely beefy 1024Wh of power. With 1800W of output you won’t just be keeping the lights on, you can keep your fridge, TV and more running. Even better, it comes with a dizzying spectrum of plugs, USB ports, and more, so you won’t need to rock-paper-scissors for the last plug space.

Grab this titanic tower of power from just R1 420 per month on your Rentoza product subscription.

Get More From the Game

So your power’s sorted, and that last minute try was amazing to watch live. But what if it could be even better? Now that you’ve got the grunt to keep the lights on during stage six, why not consider upgrading your watching experience to match? 

The beauty of Rentoza subscriptions is that you can upgrade or downgrade on the fly. So while you’re grabbing your Ecoflow, grab the latest and greatest in sports-watching technology, offering crystal clarity and a wide spectrum of eye-popping colour. With your very own power solution and a 4K viewing experience, you won’t just be watching the game – it’ll be like you’re there.

Because commitment is messy. Just Rentoza it.

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