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How To Choose Between a Top Loader and Front Loader Washing Machine.

How To Choose Between a Top Loader and Front Loader Washing Machine.

Washing machines are some of the most common home appliances used in almost every household. While the washing machine is certainly not one of the most exciting appliances in a home, it serves a very important function – laundry. As a result, small inconveniences can become frustrating and make a huge difference over time.

Samsung has always been at the forefront of the washing machine market. The company has made some of the best top load and front load washing machines. Both types of models are found when searching for Samsung washing machines for sale. However, there is quite the confusion among users as to which type of washing machine is better. Let’s take a look at a comparative study that can provide insight into the selection parameters of washing machines.

User convenience

Top-loading washers are more convenient as the user doesn’t have to bend over to load and unload clothes compared to front-loading washing machines. Top-loaders also have the ability to add clothes mid-cycle or even after starting the cycle. Also, compared to front-loading washing machines, top-loading washers can collect lint and distribute fabric softener better.

Washing time

There are two types of top-loading washing machines – one with an agitator and one without it. An agitator is a mechanism within a washer that creates the shaking motion and forces water through the machine, leading to vibrations. Top-loading washing machines with agitators typically perform better compared to front-loading variants.

Treatment of clothes

Top-loading washing machines are comparatively tougher on clothes, especially if they are overloaded. In this respect, front-loading washing machines are much better. Top-loading washing machines also have a tougher time washing pillows, comforters, and other large items as they tend to float on the water instead of fully immersing.

Average pricing

Front-loading washers are arguably more expensive as they provide quality cleaning and tend to be more energy and water efficient. They also feature more wash features that cater to all fabric types and soil levels. Front-loaders are also fitted with advanced motors and suspension systems which make them quieter while using.  

Spin speed

Front-loading washing machines normally spin about 33% faster than typical top-loaders during the final spin cycle. This means more water is removed from the clothes before transferring them to the dryer (if you're using one).  As a result, clothes dry faster and are less heavy to move around. However, the spin cycle can cause many front-loading washers to vibrate, making noise.  To check the spin speed off any washer, users must simply check the RPM or revolutions per minute and choose a model with a high RPM.


Ultimately the decision to choose between top-loading and front-loading washing machines depends on user preference. Samsung has both types of washing machines available, giving its users a wide range of options when it comes to cleaning their laundry.

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