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Let us utter the three best words to ever form a term: Work from home. If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s that people don’t need to be chained to their desks in an office all day, every day. 

More and more businesses are offering hybrid or fully remote working conditions. Or, maybe you’ve decided that having a boss just isn’t for you and you’ve decided to go the entrepreneurship route. Either way, you’re gonna need a home office to make sure you’re equipped to conquer your daily grind. 

Now, home can have its distractions, which is why it’s super important to create a clear office space that creates a distinction between work and fun. Otherwise, you’ll “accidentally” end up marathoning the latest season of The Kardashians because you thought your couch was an appropriate place to get some work done.

Don’t let productivity fall by the wayside just because you’re at home. Here's the must-have gadgets you need to transform your workspace into a productivity powerhouse.

Ultra-Sleek Laptop

No home office is complete without a trusty laptop by your side. Say goodbye to sluggish performance and hello to lightning-fast speeds with our top-of-the-line laptops. Whether you're crunching numbers or binge-watching cat videos (we won't judge), we've got the perfect device to suit your needs. Plus, with a Rentoza subscription you can swap out for the latest model whenever you fancy a tech upgrade.

If you’re in the market, might we suggest the MacBook Air? With its stunning Retina display and silky-smooth performance, the 13-inch MacBook Air is one sleek beauty that’s guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. Plus it’s only R1300 month-to-month with a Rentoza subscription.

Apple’s thinnest and lightest notebook is powered by a blazing-fast octa-core CPU that helps you tackle all your work tasks with ease. The MacBook Air also boasts an incredibly long battery life of up to 18 hours so you can use it all day and simply charge it in the evenings. 

Ear Candy Headphones

Neighbour mowing the lawn? Dog barking loudly? Partner yapping on the phone with their bestie in the other room? Fear not. You can lock out all the distractions and fully immerse yourself in the zone with our killer headphones. 

Whether you're jamming out to your favourite tunes or hopping on a video call, our noise-cancelling wonders will keep you locked in. And with our subscription service, you can say goodbye to tangled cords and hello to wireless freedom. It's music to your ears, quite literally!

For only R220 a month on a Rentoza subscription, you can enjoy the sound of sweet, sweet music though the sleek and chic Huawei FreeBuds 5i. With their ergonomic shape and lightweight build, you'll forget you're even wearing them – until your favourite banger drops, that is. 

These bad boys offer up to 28 hours of battery life, and hi-res sound that will tickle your ears with pleasure. They also have versatile noise cancellation that adapts to your surroundings to help eliminate background noise. And they can simultaneously connect to two devices at once, so you can listen to music on your laptop while working, and answer a phone call by simply tapping your earbud twice.

Power Me Up

Listen. If you live in South Africa, you know that loadshedding is a very real threat, constantly looming over our heads (even if things have been going OK lately). Most businesses have backup generators that keep the lights, PCs and fridges on so you can keep working even if the power grid isn’t. 

However, if you’re at home, you’re at the mercy of our overlord Eskom. Don’t get caught in the dark (literally)! Having a portable power station by your side allows you to power all your essential appliances. Your laptop and phone stay charged, your kettle can still boil water for your third cup of coffee, and your microwave stays on so you can heat up your second lunch when hunger strikes.

We love the Ecoflow River 2. For just R470 a month on a Rentoza subscription, you can power all your essential devices for up to four hours. Charge everything from smartphones and laptops to small appliances. Plus, you can just leave it outside to charge using clean, renewable energy. 

We know, we’ve already convinced you to get all these products. Stressed about how you’ll afford to buy them all? Don’t be! Just Rentoza it. 

With a Rentoza subscription, you get to enjoy the latest and greatest tech without breaking the bank. Yep, you heard that right! With Rentoza, you can kiss goodbye to those hefty upfront costs and pesky ownership hassles. We're all about wallet-friendly monthly payments. Plus, our penalty-free upgrade and downgrade policy means you're always in control. Who knew tech could be this stress-free?

Commitment is messy. Just Rentoza it.

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