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Best Tech for Camping

Best Tech for Camping


Ah, camping. Spending your evening in the great outdoors, not a bar of WiFi in reach, surrounded by nothing but Mother Nature's finest. Now, while we're all for embracing the rustic vibes of camping, let's not kid ourselves – surviving out there without a few nifty bits of tech is like trying to navigate a maze blindfolded, or playing a real-life version of "Yellowjackets". Scary. 

Whether you're a seasoned outdoor aficionado or just dipping your toes into the wild world of camping, having the right tech can make or break your outdoor escapade. And hey, why settle for average when you can have the best?

Here are a few handy tech tools you’ll need the next time you escape your four walls for a boundless evening in the open woods. 

Portable Power Station

We all know the pain of a dying phone battery just when you need it the most – for snapping those Instagram-worthy sunset pics or finding your way back to the campsite using GPS. Say goodbye to low battery anxiety with a solar-powered portable charger. 

This nifty gadget harnesses the power of the sun to keep your devices juiced up, no matter how far off the grid you wander. Just imagine, endless selfies without a care in the world!

If you’re on the market, we have a range of portable power stations from Eco Flow. The Ecoflow RIVER 2, which you can get for R440 a month on a Rentoza subscription, will keep you charged up and ready for any adventure. 

The RIVER 2 Series packs enough power to keep your essential devices running for hours, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and even small appliances. Plus, it’s solar panel compatible, so you can charge it using clean, renewable energy while you explore the great outdoors. 

Bluetooth Speaker

Picture this: You're chilling by the fire, swapping stories with your pals, and suddenly someone suggests blasting your favorite tunes to create a vibe. But all you’ve got is your tiny cell phone and weak speakers. That won’t do. With a Bluetooth speaker, you can turn your campsite into a mini music festival in seconds. And the best part? No annoying cords to trip over. 

We love the Harmon Kardon Go + Play 3. This audio powerhouse makes it easier to get the best sound, no matter where you are. The three-way sound design means you get a full, clear soundstage, made better by the Go + Play 3's out sound tuning; that means the speaker automatically optimises itself for its environment every time you turn it on. 

Combined with up to eight hours of playback time, and the ability to connect to up to two devices at once, and you've got the perfect pairing for your perfect party mix. Plus, it’s only R570 a month with a Rentoza subscription. 

GPS Smart Watch

Now, onto a gadget that's a true game-changer: GPS smartwatches. These bad boys are like having a personal navigator strapped to your wrist. Whether you're hiking through the wilderness or just trying to find your way back to the campsite after a midnight bathroom break, a GPS smartwatch has got your back. 

And with features like heart rate monitoring and activity tracking, you can keep tabs on your health and fitness goals even when you're off the grid. Plus, you'll receive regular updates and new features to keep your watch performing at its best.

If you’re on the market for one, we suggest the Apple Watch Series 9. This bad boy does everything. Make calls, monitor your health, and let your wrist lead you with Apple Maps which provides turn-by-turn directions with haptic feedback. Plus, if you take a tumble on your way back to your campsite, don’t stress. Apple’s Fall Detection feature will connect you with emergency services if you’re rendered immobile. There’s also Emergency SOS in case you urgently need local emergency services. 

And the best part? You can enjoy all these gadgets hassle-free with product subscriptions. Say goodbye to buyer's remorse and hello to endless camping fun. The beauty of subscriptions is that you don’t have to commit to any of these products. Say you only ever camp during the summertime. Why pay full price for something you only need for a few months? With a subscription, you keep your product as long as you actually use it.

Another benefit about subscriptions is that you can get the latest tech at much more affordable monthly prices. This way, you’re always up to date with quality tech you can rely on, without having to break the bank. 

Commitment is messy. Just Rentoza it.

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