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Elevate Your Life with Subscriptions

Elevate Your Life with Subscriptions


Let’s be real – we all want a boujee life. But living it up like it’s golden can get pretty costly, so it’s out of reach for most of us mere mortals.

But what if there was a way you could still enjoy the finer things in life, without stressing about the logistics and financial constraints? Well, come closer my friend, because I’m about to let you in on a little secret: There is a way. The answer? Subscriptions.

Subscriptions are savvy. Subscriptions are cutting edge. Subscriptions are satisfying. We’re not talking about Netflix or Spotify (although those are pretty great). We mean product subscriptions. 

Here are just a few of the ways subscriptions can make you feel a bit more bad and boujee. 

Only The Best

Remember when you were a kid and your parents would buy you Coco Pops instead of that no name brand with unimpressive packaging? The palpable excitement of shaking those crispy puffs into a bowl, listening to their sharp yet melodic harmony as they create a perfectly shaped mound in your bowl before you hungrily search for the free prize in the box. That was your gateway into name brands.

There’s something about aligning yourself with premium brands. It makes you feel a bit more expensive, premium, important. They’re a status symbol. Apple, Samsung, Hisense, Dell, Huawei… What do these brands have in common? They’re all top brands, and they’re all on Rentoza right now. Subscribing to these brands and their products immediately adds a touch of luxury to your life. 

It’s the difference between whipping out the latest iPhone versus rocking that outdated Nokia that only lets you play Snake. It’s the feeling of enjoying the crisp, clear pixels of a Hisense smart TV versus watching the grainy visuals on that old TV that still has a back panel for its wires. It’s enjoying a run without your headphone wires getting all tangled up because you’ve upgraded to a wireless pair. 

With subscriptions, you can gain access to the best brands and the best products at prices you can actually manage, because instead of buying it with cash, you pay month-to-month fees for as long as your subscription term lasts. This means you can get more big brands for less, and flex on all your friends. 

Balling On a Budget

Money, money, money, must be funny in a rich man’s world. Unfortunately for the majority of South Africans, it’s no joke when you gotta turn into an amateur accountant to plan out your monthly budget.  

It’s not always easy or realistic to save up your coin to buy that new item you’ve been dreaming of. Phones, TVs, fridges, gaming consoles – these items cost thousands of rands. Tens of thousands, often. 

If getting an Xbox means going without food for the month, it’s pretty hard to convince yourself that it’s a worthwhile purchase. However, if you have R490 a month that you can spare, then you can literally have your cake and eat it. Simply subscribe to the product for month-to-month payments that work for your budget. 

No need to make trade-offs between what’s important and what’s luxurious. Subscriptions allow you to take control over your budget and enjoy life a lot more. You don’t have to make sacrifices anymore. You can still eat, enjoy your life, and put savings away every month. 

On To The Next

The lifecycle of tech nowadays is so short, so if you’re already struggling to justify purchases, that makes it even harder. With subscriptions, you don’t have to get left behind. You can lead the charge with the latest and greatest drops. 

New iPhone just dropped? Get in loser, we’re going shopping (online, of course). With Rentoza, you can easily change your subscriptions at any point in your subscription term, penalty free. Yeah, you read that right. Zero penalties. That means you can truly live your best life without worrying about being tied down by restrictive contracts. 

With subscriptions, you don’t have to commit to any product. You can simply pay a monthly fee to keep it as long as you want it, then return it when your subscription ends. And if something new comes out that you want? No worries, you can change, upgrade, or downgrade your product whenever you want without needing to pay penalties. 

Commitment is messy. Just Rentoza it.

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