Watch GT 3 42mm

R 1,060 per month
Subscription Term:
Color: black

Say hello to the new you, thanks to Huawei and Rentoza with the new GT 3 Watch, which will elevate your life from the moment you strap it around your wrist.

Able to track your daily habits while monitoring your health, the GT 3 is here to turn you into the you you've always wanted to be. Capable of matching any unique look of the day thanks to the variety of straps on offer, the GT 3 is a fashionable piece of equipment here to give you the confidence to look and feel your best as you face a new day.

Let Rentoza and Huawei introduce you to your new planner, personal trainer, fashion accessory and portal into the internet all in one today and gain easy access to the GT 3 thanks to our easy to use subscription model.

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