Frost Free Combi Bottom Freezer, RB31HSR3DSA

R 2,360 per month

Samsung - 308 Litre Combi Bottom Freezer - Metal Graphite
Experience a whole new level of organisation and convenience with the refrigerator that maximises space efficiency. Delivers a fast cooling performance, so food is chilled more quickly and you can enjoy cool drinks much sooner. It takes 4.5 hours less to cool down groceries from 25-7 degree Celsius compared to other refrigerator models. Ensures consistent cooling throughout the refrigerator, so all of your food is kept at optimum freshness. There's never more than a 0.3 degree Celsius variation in temperature, while conventional models can have up to a 2.2 degree Celsius difference.

- Reaching into a refrigerator often means navigating an obstacle course of food items. But the easy slide shelf is built on rolling hinges and pulls out, so you can efficiently organise and easily access your food items - and easily see exactly what you have stored in the back
- Unlike conventional compressors, which just start and stop, Samsung's digital inverter compressor has 7 adjustable speeds to suit different cooling demands. So it works smoothly, reduces wear and tear for greater durability, and minimises noise. 
- With a larger opening than conventional freezer drawers, the full open box makes it easier to organise and remove items - even bulky foods. It extends out all the way for optimum use of space and the drawer's design lets you open it even if the refrigerator door is only open 90 degrees
- Ideal for the thirsty household, the big guard is deeper than shelves found in conventional refrigerators. So you can store big containers of milk and juice in the door, along with two rows of beverage cans and bottles. The big guard is also great for chilling tall drinks bottles
- The energy efficient Top LED brilliantly illuminates the entire refrigerator interior to help you clearly see your food. So you can find items easier and don't have to keep the door open as long - saving both time and energy

Dimension of the Fridge:
720mm x 640mm x 1,930mm

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