Peg Perego

Primma Viaggio Lounge

R 1,330 per month

Ticking all the boxes when it comes to your child's safety, the Primma Viaggio Lounge has achieved flying colors in terms of safety, ergonomics, ease of use and quality of materials.

And thanks to Rentoza you can gain access to this highly coveted device. Put your baby first with the Primma Viaggio Lounge and Rentoza and subscribe to this versatile device.

  • ASIP: Adjustable Side Impact Protection can be adjusted in 6 positions
  • ESP: Shell and headrest absorb shock from impacts
  • Kinetic pods: Moves force away from child in case of a side collision
  • Chest Clip: Ensures that harness remains in the correct position
  • Blind Lock System: Ensures that the i-Size base is not released unintentionally by another passenger
Subscription Term:
Color: Black

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