Combination Fridge H360BMI-WD 269Liters + 36L Microwave H36MOMMI

R 1,930 per month

Rentoza is making life so much easier, simpler and more convenient for you! Offering you a bundled subscription on this 269L Combination Fridge from Hisense and 36L Hisense Microwave. 

Subscribing you to a sustainable future for you and your family, Rentoza affords you the access to a more energy efficient device in the form of the 269L Combination Fridge from Hisense. 

Featuring an internal water reservoir that keeps your water perfectly chilled and a new LED energy efficient and environmentally friendly bulb, the Hisense Combination Fridge is not just a pretty face for your kitchen or pantry and highlights its brawn as much as its beauty. 

But… that’s not all...

Whether you’re running late and need to feed your family in an instant or if you’re late for that 8’o clock meeting and need to warm your coffee now, let Rentoza and the 36L Hisense Microwave have your back.

With its defrost function capable of penetrating frozen food simultaneously on the surface as well as deep inside the Hisense 36L Microwave will take you from zero to hero in the eyes of your family come dinner time.

    • Specs (Microwave):
    • Size(L): 36
    • Cooking Type: Microwave
    • Control Type: Keypad
    • Open Type: Push Button
    • Microwave power(W): 1000
    • Digital clock: Yes
    • Defrost: Yes
    • Timer: 95 Mins
    • Auto cooking menu: 6
    • Power Level: 10
    • Cooking Type: Microwave
    • Specs (Fridge):
    • Product Type: Combi Fridge
    • Energy Efficiency Class: A
    • Net Capacity Total (L): 269
    • Refrigerator (L): 196
    • Freezer (L): 73
    • Water Dispenser: Yes
    • Appliance Handle: Recessed
    • Voltage / frequency: 220~240/50Hz
    • Climate class (SN=10~32°C, N=16~32°C, ST=16~38°C, T=16~43°C): N,ST
    • Energy consumption (EN153) per 24 h (A/A+): 0,909
    • Energy consumption / year: 332
    Subscription Term:

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