Rentoza was started by 4 friends with the idea to bring access to premium products to every South African. We all want the best and why should affordability stop us from getting our hands on the best products and technology out there?

This is where we came in. We developed a model to drive access at affordable rates and flexible terms to, what we believe, are essential items, such as consumer electronics and appliances. The products are essential and not “nice to have” because they are items that we believe are necessary to live a prosperous and progressive life.We want consumers to have access to these products to drive utility within their lives. This means using the products for what they need to achieve their outcomes. If they no longer need the items, they simply let go of them, we take the items back and you get something new.

We enable people to always stay on the cusp of the best technology without having to extend themselves outside of what they can afford. The days of spending large amounts of money and putting yourself into debt for the products you need are over.What we really are is a pure-subscription model, a first of its kind on the continent. We are not rental. We are not rent to buy. We are subscription and complete non-ownership of products. We believe that Access is the new ownership.

Simply Browse, Decide and Subscribe to any item.