Watch GT 2e 46mm


R 770 per month
Subscription Term:
Color: Green

Huawei understands that these days watches need to do so much more than just tell the time. We’re here to tell you that a subscription to this device allows you to seamlessly connect and monitor your entire life, and acts as a reminder to keep up with a healthy lifestyle!

Answer calls, view messages, monitor your heart rate and stress levels and sync easily to your health tracking apps, what more do you need in a watch? Change your watch themes as many times as you want to, with access to thousands of themes for every person, every type, every style and every like!

This smart watch can go… and go… and go some more. Lasting for up to 2 weeks, the Huawei Watch GT 2e was developed for high operation performance and incredibly low power consumption. 

Not just a hard worker, the GT 2e is the perfect accessory for any look of the day, combining functionality with an attractive casing. Subscription to this device allows you to be able to gain access to it, until a newer model is out. Wear it, love it, and swap it out when you’re wanting an upgrade with no hassle, only with Rentoza. 

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