Coffee and Smoothie Subscriptions from Kauai

Subscription models are growing across different categories globally, and South Africa isn't missing out on this either. We're seeing a multitude of subscription models appearing and one of the most interesting in the market, aside from Rentoza of course, is the Kauai Coffee and Smoothie Subscription.

Health food restaurant Kauai launched a subscription service that offers unlimited organic coffee for a month and a daily smoothie for 15 or 30 days.

The unlimited organic coffee subscription allows customers to redeem any short hot drink every two hours for 30 days, up to 240 coffees over the 30 days, for a subscription of R299.

A subscription for one small daily smoothie for 15 days costs R199, while a 30-day smoothie package costs R375, all available on Kauai’s app.

How it works

The subscriptions are purchased on the Kauai app, which can be downloaded from the Apple and Android app stores.

Customers receive a subscription voucher in the app, which indicates how many coffees / smoothies have been redeemed, and how many remain.

Orders can be placed at any of Kauai’s 150 stores, with customers simply scanning the app to redeem their drinks. Customers can also order on the app for delivery or for contactless collection in-store, to help maintain social distancing.

South Africans are looking for value during these tough economic times, in this climate subscriptions offer exceptional value. So, subscribe to your new iPhone 13 from Rentoza, and scroll through your social feed in one hand, while waiting for your smoothie, that you just got through your smoothie subscription, to land in the other.